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The article below reveals the most common fashion mistakes made by adults. Read it to find out what you should avoid wearing.

How much do you like smiling? Do you feel beautiful with your current smile in your face? If your answers to both questions is ‘no’, then the time to change the situation has finally come.

You might be aware of all the terrible things that happen in sweatshops producing clothing. You might have also seen all those documentaries telling you about the hard life of the people working there.

Not every design stays with us forever. Classic designs were created a few hundred decades or even centuries ago, but they are still very popular. One of such examples would be Louis Vuitton vintage bags that look modern, chic and stylish even nowadays.

Is fashion really worth sacrificing our health to?

What do men find attractive in women’s faces?

We love the sun, the sea and all that summer has got to offer. Beach time is always fun, especially when you know how to protect your skin and hair. The sun as well as the salty seawater can damage your hair.

It hurts to even read these! Would you do any of these to be able to wear your favorite heels?

We are happy to announce that plastic surgery is not the only way that may help you look youthful for longer. It is reported that in 2008 there were around 30,000 more surgical cosmetic procedures than the year after.

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