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We love the sun, the sea and all that summer has got to offer. Beach time is always fun, especially when you know how to protect your skin and hair. The sun as well as the salty seawater can damage your hair.

It hurts to even read these! Would you do any of these to be able to wear your favorite heels?

We are happy to announce that plastic surgery is not the only way that may help you look youthful for longer. It is reported that in 2008 there were around 30,000 more surgical cosmetic procedures than the year after.

Midi dresses and skirts can look chic and stylish.

Summer is here and it’s high time we bought some amazing dresses to drive all men mad. Before shopping you can explore our gallery with the hottest dresses of 2015.

Do you consider yourself an average person? If so, then you follow your own wardrobe rules thinking that there is a limited amount of clothing that you look good in.

Sometimes you can pay less money for a piece of clothing yet look stunning in it. Here are the 5 main reasons why your clothing does not look good enough.

Changing your looks by means of plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Lipsticks are back in fashion! This summer you can have lipsticks of six different shades and look different every day. A tube of lipstick is a must-have, so have one in your purse. Pick your favorite brand and enjoy it! Experts suggest that you should have several shades of lipstick.

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