5 Common Body Care Mistakes That Cause Pain

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5 Common Body Care Mistakes That Cause Pain

Most ladies are ready and willing to go through pain if it guarantees them beauty. Some of the methods that are mentioned below are often considered to be effective.

They are not quite safe though. Instead of looking and feeling like a princess all you might get after the procedure is sore skin, rash and irritations.

1. The method: Setting makeup with hairspray.
The result: You are mistaken if you think that hairspray will hold your makeup just the way it holds your hair. The structure of the hairspray molecules is too large for the skin and suitable only for hair. The skin might negatively react to it, though. Once you apply the hairspray on the face, it covers it up and clogs the pores. The chemicals that this sticky liquid consists of can cause allergy and rash.

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