5 Reasons Your Clothes Look Cheap

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5 Reasons Your Clothes Look Cheap

Sometimes you can pay less money for a piece of clothing yet look stunning in it. Here are the 5 main reasons why your clothing does not look good enough.

Avoid these common mistakes made by others and look fabulous in your cheap clothes.

1. Laced clothing
If you want to know what real lace looks and feels like, then you should see handmade lace used to make couture gowns and wedding dresses. What you see in your local store cannot measure up. It is made by means of special machines. Its surface is flimsy and flat. Cheap lace will never look good enough. If you want something resembling lace, then try fine mesh instead. It is not as elegant as lace, but it is quite feminine. Fine mesh bought in H&M looks great and costs little. If fine mesh is not what you want, then buy a plain dress and use your favorite accessories to make it more attractive – after all, a $45 lace dress is not an option anyways!

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