5 Simple Secrets To Look Thinner Instantly

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5 Simple Secrets To Look Thinner Instantly

2. Prevent bloating
Bloated tummy will always add a few centimeters to your waistline. The problem is easily solved. If you are one of the many other women who suffer the same issue, we can share good advice. In order to budge the bloat we recommend you should do a few simple tricks. First what you can do to deflate your belly is to drink lots of water. Do not worry about the next morning. Your face will not look puffy. Just avoid salty food and the water will leave your body pretty soon flushing all toxins and cleaning your digestive system in a matter of 24 hours or even quicker. Start your day with the right foods: fruit and cereal high in fiber. Add some bran too. This will additionally speed up the process. Opt for natural and eco products and avoid junk.

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