5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Hair at the Beach

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5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Hair at the Beach

We love the sun, the sea and all that summer has got to offer. Beach time is always fun, especially when you know how to protect your skin and hair. The sun as well as the salty seawater can damage your hair.

If your hair tends to become weak, dry or fizzy each time you return from the beach, you should read the article further to find out the 5 useful tips that will help your hair look perfect. Keep your locks shiny, healthy and beautiful even after a day at the beach!

1. Condition your hair prior to combing it
Avoid combing your hair right after you return from the beach. Combing it after a couple of hours in the sun can be the main cause why your hair breaks off, looks frizzy and frayed. Women with long hair should always apply a conditioner on hair before combing it. This step is very important of you want to protect your hair.

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