5 Trends Inappropriate for Mature People

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5 Trends Inappropriate for Mature People

The article below reveals the most common fashion mistakes made by adults. Read it to find out what you should avoid wearing.

If you own any of the listed items, we suggest you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Here're the main 5 things you might be too old to wear:

1. Platform footwear
Retire at: 24
Platforms are no longer in fashion. Nowadays there are other alternatives and options. You might feel nostalgic, however, do not let your feelings and emotions trick you – platform footwear will only make you look old-fashioned and ridiculous.
Tip: Uniform platforms can be replaced with platform pumps. The latter can mimic the former’s comfort and even height. Instead of sneakers opt for fashionable wedges. All in all, designers keep inventing new shapes and forms. Try wearing something you've never worn before!

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