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Apply your make-up following some certain steps and you will always look youthful and fresh. The way you apply make-up depends on your current age. You should not do what you used to do when you were in your 20’s.

Only a day and you look thinner than usual. Isn’t that every woman’s wish? Your scale might show that you haven’t lost a pound yet you look slimmer and fitter than yesterday!

Make-up products, no matter how good, well-developed and advanced they are, cannot help you maintain perfect skin if you do one or some of the things we have mentioned below.

The way we look is as important for us as its is for others.  Your appearance tells others a lot about you. Let this source of information be trustworthy and reliable. You do not want to be misunderstood by others, do you?

Developed by Unilever, Vaseline soon became a very popular beauty product. Since 1872 people have been applying it in their daily routine. It is now used in medicine cabinets and beauty salons.

Commercials are powerful. So are advertisements, leaflets, and other marketing techniques making us buy what we do not really need. Not only do we not need some certain things, they cost us huge money!

Open your fridge and see if there are any of the foods listed below.

Women love gossip. They notice the smallest things that men do wrong and then discuss them with their girlfriends. What about men? Do they notice ladies’ mistakes?

If you are in search of a universal product to make your skin, lips, and hair look and feel healthy, we recommend you try and make your own beauty ‘elixir’.

Bad habits are easy to catch. Eating fast food, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and excessive sunbathing negatively influence our appearance.

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