7 Fashion Beliefs to Ignore

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7 Fashion Beliefs to Ignore

3. High Heels Shouldn't Be Worn by Tall Women 

It does not matter how tall you are. If your wish is to wear heels, then simply do it and ignore the myth that says that high heel shoes are not for tall ladies. Heels will not make you look taller if you ARE tall. Your height cannot be hidden anyways. Simply relax and enjoy the shoes you love. High heels make your legs look wonderful, they change your walk for the better. You feel different hence your posture improves. What you need is not a pair of flat shoes but self-confidence. Your height is your advantage, not your problem. And if it is not your problem, it is nobody else’s problem!

7 Fashion Beliefs to Ignore High Heels Shouldnt Be Worn by Tall Women

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