8 Fashion Curiosities Nowadays

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8 Fashion Curiosities Nowadays

Each of us dreams of having an individual look and style. We want to be admired by the rest by our beauty and chic. However sometimes girls and women overestimate their talents and look weird and foolish rather than sexy and unique.

There are some absurd fashion trends which are being followed. Perhaps these weird ideas look normal among celebrities but you shouldn’t follow them unless you want to be ridiculed. Do you want to look freaky? Hence you should choose and wear suitable clothes, makeup, hairstyle and accessories. So let’s see 8 most common fashion mistakes people make.

1. Colored armpit hair
Recently artists have popularized hairy armpits and have even developed some photo projects. People are confused: shall we from now let the hair grow or should it be removed? Is it feminine to stay absolutely natural? There are various opinions. Some people find it totally appalling while others support this feminist trend. However, the worst part of this all that makes the trend truly sick is that some suggest dyeing armpit hair!

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