9 Women Who Create A New Meaning Of Beauty

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9 Women Who Create A New Meaning Of Beauty

'Pretty' and 'beautiful' are common words for every girl from the youngest age. But nowadays they are starting to change their meaning – and for the better! Surely, thin blond women with blue eyes and pale skin will always be admired, but today they are not the one and only favorites.

World of beauty is changing, starting to include females with brown skin, natural hair, wrinkles, bigger curves and even masculine beards! Nine women we placed in the list below show us beauty from every angle, and we are totally happy to share this view.

Robyn Lawley
There’s nothing strange in plus-sized catwalk models today, so wonderful Robyn Lawley has to be included in the list. She has size 12, and she doesn’t even try to fit in anorexic body standards. Curvy girls are great!

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