The Fabulous and Ugly Seen at the Golden Globes of 2019

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Ceremonies like the legendary Golden Globes cannot go unnoticed. We keep watching the event and discussing how our favorite celebrities look during various festivals and ceremonies. Let us see the list of participants who looked great and the ones who could have tried harder to look their best in 2019.

As Huge and Massive as Her Talent or Is It Just an Imitation? - Lady Gaga
You might think that in Valentino any star will look amazing. Well, this time you are wrong. Want to know why? Then have a look at Lady Gaga in her unbelievably extravagant outfit. This celebrity never stops surprising us. The question is: Is it even worth paying thousands of dollars for dresses that you look ridiculous in? Turn down your VOLUME, lady. And we mean it in more than one way.

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