Top 6 Celebs With Golden Heart

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Top 6 Celebs With Golden Heart

Kindness, love, conscience, respect and humility are the main features that make one a real human being. And that human being ought to help those, who are in need of their help.

It may seem unbelievable, but there are many celebrities, who take care about the homeless, the hungry and the sick. Right this behavior makes the world respect them. Here are several of these honorable celebrities mentioned; maybe you will find the one you love most of all!

1. Matt Damon
The well known charity fund is determined to help developing countries with clean water supply. Matt Damon is the co-founder of this organization, which is never financed by the government. works with local communities and supplies clean water there, where a lack of it is felt. This actor is also a supporter of One Campaign- an organization, which struggles against AIDS and poverty.

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