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Part of food we consume is usually thrown away. What kind of food waste can you find useful?

It is surprising how many foods that we do not find magic really have super powers. Some of them could be found in your fridge even now! What is it exactly that makes some certain foods so special?

Losing weight is always challenging and requires effort, will power and patience. Rather, it is a psychological fight. The good news is that you can be the winner in it. You might know what to do to lose weight.

6-pack abs is everybody’s dream. Fortunately, this dream can be easily brought into reality.

The party season is approaching and soon we’ll find ourselves celebrating the winter holidays. The bad thing is that after the party season your scale might show you that you have gained a few extra pound.

One month is quite enough to see great changes if you are really determined to do what is required to get in shape. Women as well as men would like to look their best.

Here is a list of sic simple exercises that you can easily do every morning in order to feel better all day long. Workouts charge you with additional energy and improve your mood.

We all make our New Year resolutions. One of the most common vows is to turn a new leaf and start living a healthier life. These loud promises are of course made in January, right when the temperature outside is the lowest.

Sugar is highly addictive. Nowadays it is added in most foods and it is close to impossible to completely avoid fast carbs, because the food industry does not care whether you are healthy or not.

Losing weight is never too easy. Yet there are some simple steps that will always help you make the process less frustrating and tiresome.

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