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Here is a list of sic simple exercises that you can easily do every morning in order to feel better all day long. Workouts charge you with additional energy and improve your mood.

We all make our New Year resolutions. One of the most common vows is to turn a new leaf and start living a healthier life. These loud promises are of course made in January, right when the temperature outside is the lowest.

Sugar is highly addictive. Nowadays it is added in most foods and it is close to impossible to completely avoid fast carbs, because the food industry does not care whether you are healthy or not.

Losing weight is never too easy. Yet there are some simple steps that will always help you make the process less frustrating and tiresome.

What should you do if the party you went to was too wild? You now might regret having had too many drinks but it’s too late and all you can do is to try and simply hide your hangover.

People who watch their diet and keep track of what they eat and drink already know that coke should be avoided. This is what any doctor will advise you to do.

There is nothing as important as water. This is what we are mainly made of! And water is the next thing after air that keeps us alive. It is essential to control the amount of water you consume daily.

How much money do you usually spend on beauty products? They cost a lot, but are they worth your money?

Exercising is a positive thing. Active lifestyle is obviously more fun. It improves your physical and mental health. Workout routine provides energy.

How did you spend your last weekend? In front of the TV with a can of beer? Then what are your plans for the coming weekend? Probably meeting friends at a local bar.

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