10 Delicious Foods That Do Not Exceed 200 Calories

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10 Delicious Foods That Do Not Exceed 200 Calories

Are you now on a diet trying to get slim and trim again? Then it is essential for you to know and understand the importance of calories consumed by you throughout the day.

Wrong are those who think that healthy food is dull and boring, tasteless and tiresome. Let us teach you to prepare a few tasty dishes that will help you change your mind. You will definitely learn to love healthy, tasty yet so low in calories stuff.

1. Thyme Turkey Burgers
To prepare this dish you will need a couple of teaspoons of chopped thyme that you will combine with lean ground turkey. We recommend you add some lemon or lime as well. Experts suggest using lemon or lime juice instead of salt. Nevertheless, if you still need salt, add a pinch, but not too much. Shape the meat into patties and keep them in the freezer or grill them fresh. Eat with vegetables and low calorie whole wheat bread.

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