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Cancer can damage any organ, including the liver. It can sometimes progress very slowly without letting the patient know that something is wrong.

There is nothing as important as good health. Our wellbeing depends on how seriously we take care of ourselves. Read further and find out whether your health is good enough.

Be a smart snacker and you will never suffer from obesity. We are about to give you a list of 6 treats you can eat to speed up your metabolism. They are delicious, affordable and very healthy.

Sometimes symptoms of lupus are mild. At times they are even absent or, on the contrary, very severe. Luckily, patients can and must be treated – medicine has significantly improved in this area.

An average person does not analyze what kind of foods is sold at stores. We trust manufacturers, sellers and farmers who grow, prepare and deliver food to us.

Magnesium deficiency is a common phenomenon. Out of 10 Americans around 8 individuals are deficient in magnesium. Are you among such people? Pay attention to the following signs:

Super foods exist! When you know what you should eat, you can improve your health and looks.

Did you know that the largest inner organ in the human body is the liver? The liver is a fantastically strong organ.

We get used to some certain foods and keep eating them for months and even years. Some foods you might have in your fridge and pantry may be too poisonous.

Lemon is a fruit that is widely used all around the globe. The list of benefits of this fragrant and bright fruit is very long. There are several reasons why you should start drinking lemon water.

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