5 Benefits of Staying in the Sun

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5 Benefits of Staying in the Sun

Go ahead and enjoy some sunshine. Be careful, though – sunburns are really damaging. However, a bit of the sun is a beneficial thing. Being moderately exposed to the sun is great for your health and well-being.

1. Sunlight Lights up Brain Function

From time to time you should stay in the sunshine without sunglasses on. Take out your contact lenses for a while and let your eyes absorb some sunrays. Our eyes have photosensitive cells that are connected to the hypothalamus. They act together to set our biological clocks and help us find the right balance between day and night. Once it is done, our hormone production and sleeping patterns improve. Staying in the sun helps the body produce melatonin. This is an essential sleep hormone. It also influences the skin and digestion. Go outside and enjoy some sun in the early morning – that’s the best time to improve cognition and thinking.

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