5 Interesting Facts About Caffeine

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5 Interesting Facts About Caffeine

How harmful or useful is caffeine? Caffeine keeps us awake from morning till late night. We wake up and make a cup of our favourite beverage before we leave for work.

Throughout the day we drink a glass or two of Coke. Later at night or at the weekend we order a can of energy drink at a local bar or night club.
Is there something we still do not know about caffeine?

1. True or False? Caffeine is addictive.
False. Caffeine stimulates but it can hardly turn us into addicts. What makes us want to buy drinks containing caffeine is merely our habit. Once you miss a cup of coffee you feel you’ve broken some kind of rule/ritual. Getting rid of any habit will result in nervousness, irritability and headaches. Adults are not advised to consume more than 2-3 cups of coffee daily.

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