6 Advantages of Swimming in Cold Water

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6 Advantages of Swimming in Cold Water

Swimming in a lake, pool or pond when it is at its coldest is known as cold water swimming. Usually people practice it in winter. Luckily, there are places where you can do it all year round. Fans of this activity arrange competitions.

There are international competitions for ice swimming fans. Feel free to take part in one of them, but be ready to dive into water that is colder than 5 degrees Celsius!
There are several reasons why you should try out cold water swimming. Water in general makes us healthier and more resistant to infections. Those who enjoy swimming in cold water live longer. Besides, their quality of life is much better.
Ice swimming is very effective. The good thing about this activity is that it is safer than other kinds of sports. You can achieve great results if you start swimming in cold water – you will improve your overall wellbeing. Your endurance and flexibility will significantly increase. Remember to change your eating habits as well, because transformation is only possible when you eat the right foods.

1. Cold water swimming increases our libido
Sexual urges used to be tamed by means of cold water. That was a few centuries ago and people didn’t know that, instead of repressing libido, they increased it by taking a cold shower. In fact, cold water stimulates estrogen and testosterone production. It is said that people with higher libido are more self-confident, energetic and are rarely in bad mood.

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