6 Foods That Can Make You Smarter

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6 Foods That Can Make You Smarter

The right food makes you physically healthy. This is an established fact that cannot be denied. What else is food good for?

According to scientists and their recent research, the right food can improve your mental abilities. It seems that if we eat some certain foods, we can become smarter. Whatever your stomach receives will also go to the brain. From now on every time you are having a meal, think well how useful the food you are eating is. What are those special foods that can make your brain sharper than ever before? Here is our list of six foods you should include in your diet if your wish is to become a bright person.

1. Protein and Vegetables
The brain just loves it when you include green vegetables and lean protein in your menu. On average, 3-4 ounces of meat is all you need to provide your brain with what it needs to function well.

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