6 Healthy and Delicious Desserts

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6 Healthy and Delicious Desserts

Taming your sweet tooth is really a challenging task, especially if you keep track of your diet and do all possible to stay in good shape. It is great if you never have sweet cravings (which is very unlikely).

Luckily, there is a way out for those who want to stay slim and trim yet enjoy something sweet. Life without desserts would be too dull and boring, wouldn’t it? Snacking can be healthy. Forget that the only food that can make you happy is a bar of chocolate or a bowl of fatty ice-cream. We will give you a few useful tips that will not ruin your diet. Here are some of them:

1. Fruit jelly
It is simple to make and pleasant to eat. Besides, there are dozens of fruit jellies you can make. This treat is low in calories and satisfies your sweet tooth very well. You can add some whipped cream and fresh fruit or berries. You should avoid cream if you are on a strict diet. We are sure that all of your family and especially kids will love this wonderful tasty dessert.

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