6 Reasons Why You Need Green Tea in Your Cupboard

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6 Reasons Why You Need Green Tea in Your Cupboard

Are you addicted to sodas or coffee? Cut these drinks out from your daily routine and replace them with green tea. It might be too tough to stop drinking your favorite beverages if you have been doing it for your entire life.

Do it step by step and, once you feel the positive change, you will no longer want to go back to your bad habits. You won’t believe how much energy you will have if you drink green tea and here is why green tea is much better than any other drink!

1. Green Tea Boosts Fat Burning
It is quite a challenging task to lose weight. Some give up before they reach their goal weight. The main reason why people get discouraged is that they do not get results as fast as they expect. It is really frustrating to follow a diet without seeing impressive results. The good news is that you can boost fat burning by up to 20% if you start drinking green tea. No doubt a lot will depend on how much food you consume and how active you stay throughout the day. Researchers are still carrying out studies to find out more fat burning properties of green tea. However, even nowadays you can buy a lot of various fat burning supplements containing green tea extract.

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