7 Quickest Ways to Get Rid Of 10 Pounds Running

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7 Quickest Ways to Get Rid Of 10 Pounds Running

Dieting is a must if you are willing to lose weight. But, let’s admit that without physical activity you will lose weight not as quickly as you could. Speed up the process by going in for sports. Today we are going to discuss why you should take up running.

The good thing about running is that it burns a lot of calories, improves your cardiovascular system and makes you healthier and stronger. Here is what you can do to make your running more effective:

1. Intensive running
Losing 10 pounds is not that difficult if you include the following tip in your daily workout routine. If you jog every morning and see no desired result, then increase the intensity and start running instead of jogging. Do not be afraid of the challenge and increase the intensity. Once you feel your body has adjusted to the tempo, increase the speed once again.

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