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Perhaps you think the food listed below aren’t dangerous. Recently some types of cancer have been diagnosed in almost 1.5 million people. So isn’t it time we all considered what we eat every day?

Coffee has plenty of advantages and you can fully benefit from this wonderful beverage if you consume it in moderation.

There are a couple of myths to dispel. You might be unaware of the side effects of the habits that are widely considered to be healthy.

Swimming in a lake, pool or pond when it is at its coldest is known as cold water swimming. Usually people practice it in winter. Luckily, there are places where you can do it all year round. Fans of this activity arrange competitions.

We all have our own preferences. Our tastes differ dramatically and what you find delicious someone else will call disgusting or tasteless.

The key point is moderation. This is especially important if we talk about coffee. People who are addicted to this beverage do harm rather than good to their health.

Taming your sweet tooth is really a challenging task, especially if you keep track of your diet and do all possible to stay in good shape. It is great if you never have sweet cravings (which is very unlikely).

The food market offers thousands of various products. Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of what is on their plates. The list below includes the top 7 species of contaminated fish none of us should eat.

We tend to think that alcoholic drinks are harmful to our health. And we are absolutely right – if consumed in massive amounts strong beverages can ruin your body. Daily consumption of brandy or beer is not the best thing you can do to live a longer life.

You can learn to love getting in shape. Your workout routine can turn into an exciting and very useful activity. Positive emotions will only make things better. Read further to find out what you can do in order to make fitness fun.

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