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Do you keep snacking throughout the day? If this bothers you, read further to find out what exactly makes you feel hunger more often than usual. You can prevent bad habits from ruining your heath and causing weight gain.

Always pay attention to the food and drinks you consume – they have an impact on your skin tone. What you eat reflects on your complexion.

Never skip breakfast. It is necessary to charge you with energy. Those who skip breakfast tend to gain weight since they overeat later in the day. Also, people who avoid eating in the morning feel and look worse.

Planking might sound simple and easy. This is an illusion, really. Once you try the exercise out you will understand that it is far from being easy. There are a lot of advantages in planks. They can help you keep fit and toned.

Believe in yourself and try our plan. Then, after 5 weeks you will be amazed at the results – your body will get slimmer, healthier, and far more flexible!

Get in shape at your own office! Now you can tone up without spending hours at a gym.

We hardly enjoy mono diets, that is, when you eat one product only. This kind of menu would look too boring and dull. That’s why we usually mix a few products at a time to make the dish more delicious. What is your favorite?

Falling asleep is an issue? Read the article to find out more about the reasons why this might be happening to you.

Diet drinks are harmful to your health and here is the list of 6 reasons why you should get exclude zero-calorie drinks from your menu.

Dieting is a must if you are willing to lose weight. But, let’s admit that without physical activity you will lose weight not as quickly as you could. Speed up the process by going in for sports. Today we are going to discuss why you should take up running.

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