8 Delicious Ideas: Whole Vegetables and Fruits Are Great

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8 Delicious Ideas: Whole Vegetables and Fruits Are Great

Cooking is an art. And we are here today to teach you a few tricks that may help you learn something new.

The article below will tell you how you can use whole vegetables and fruits to maximize their useful properties. Save money and improve your health by following our tips and hints. Use your vegetables and fruits from stem to root. Here are 8 most common foods we are talking about:

1. Watermelon

Watermelon rind should not be discarded. Pickled rind is an excellent snack. Slice up the rind first, then put the slices in a jar, add some water, sugar and vinegar. Finally, seal it and leave for at least 3 days. If you want it more piquant, leave it sealed for a few months. Another thing you can use watermelon rind for is aqua fresca. Blend the rinds with watermelon flesh and add some lime or lemon.

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