Dispelling The 9 Acne Myths

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Dispelling The 9 Acne Myths

There is no one best way to treat all acne right now and right here. Many areas of medicine have been trying to figure out how to combat the problem yet researches haven’t invented a means that would work 100%.

In some instances treatment is quite successful. It all depends on the cause of acne. The root of the problem is what we should look for. Still there are more questions than there are answers. That makes people wonder and guess why they suffer from acne. Here are the most common acne myths people believe in.

1. The Sun Fights Acne
There is a grain of truth in this. If you are of a fair complexion, then 20-25 minutes a day spent in the sun can improve your skin. People of darker skin might need 30-40 minutes to see some positive shift. Do not expect sunrays solve your problems completely. Sunbathing is healthy as long as you do not stay in the sun for too long – excessive exposure to UV rays can cause damage to your skin. Never go without sunscreen. Keep your skin protected and moisturized.

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