Top 7 Species of Fish to Exclude from Your Menu

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Top 7 Species of Fish to Exclude from Your Menu

The food market offers thousands of various products. Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of what is on their plates. The list below includes the top 7 species of contaminated fish none of us should eat.

Have a look at what may do harm to your health.

1. Caviar
Caviar is actually ‘fish-to-be’, that’s why it is also included in our list. It is a very popular seafood product. Most of this delicious product comes from beluga or sturgeon. These fish have always been overfished. The species are threatened by a huge increase in the construction of dams. Their production pollutes the water in which these species are caught. Whichever caviar you consume, you should remember that it usually takes the fish a lot of years to mature. It takes even longer for the population to recover. In the USA it is recommended to opt for caviar from Shovelnose Sturgeon or American Lake Sturgeon. Unfortunately, even caviar contains heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals if it was taken from contaminated fish.

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