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Whining won’t do the trick. Only positive thinking can transform your reality.

If you are trying to move to a new flat in XXI century, you surely know that your smartphone can give you a virtual hand in this pretty hard deal.

No doubt soon the word “selfie” will be included in every dictionary, although a few years ago none of us would even know what a selfie might be. What is it about selfies that annoys some people?

Time slips past when you are immersed in your smartphone. June 2007 marked the release of iPhone from Apple. It was a gaming gadget with a simple display with 320x480 resolution (now it is twice as that).

In our today's fast-paced world there are some difficulties for women to do in career their best and get good salary. The point is, in business exists such term as "gender gape", which sometimes is a great problem.

Perhaps the most important attribute of such a special event as a wedding is a wedding gift.

Sometimes people that work in creative field are asked to do for free what they usually do for money. Is it fair? Absolutely not! But that’s not surprising, because today all sorts of freelance workers are ready to wait for another employer who will promise them well-paid job.

Imagine, that your boss assigns you in charge of a new promising project, and you spend a good many hours in your office after the work day has been over in order to have finished it due time.

For those who use Microsoft Office Google proposes easy editor of commonly-known apps. It has reached about 190 million users and has made some improvements.

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