5 Countries Where People Always Feel Happy

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5 Countries Where People Always Feel Happy

5. Norway

Norwegians live a long and very happy life in a beautiful country that provides them with all people need to feel satisfied with their standard of living. The health system as well as education is ranked in top level among the most developed countries in the world. The country is great in a variety of ways. The percentage of unemployment does not exceed 4% and people are paid good money for the jobs they do. A working person gets 35 days of holiday per year. The country is safe and secure since it has a low criminal rate. It is the least corrupted country in the world, too. There every individual is provided with equal benefits. The government takes good care of the disabled and older generation. Millions of tourists come to Norway to see its natural beauty. There are stunning fjords and lakes, plenty of beaches and forests. Go to the Lofoten archipelago and see the famous Northern lights! You are welcome to hike – there is a special law allowing you to roam across the country’s uncultivated areas.

5 Countries Where People Always Feel Happy Norway

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