5 Most Secure and Tranquil Countries

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5 Most Secure and Tranquil Countries

No news is good news. If newspapers and TV do not mention some certain countries, it merely means that there is nothing negative happening over there!

Living in such a country is everybody’s dream. Which of the 5 countries listed below would you like to visit or even live in?

1. Austria
Another peaceful and tranquil European country is Austria. The country was once involved in the conflicts related to the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It also participated in the Second World War. Since then, Austria has managed to refrain from interfering with military conflicts and has led quite a stable lifestyle. Austria is an EU country with flexible policy and rigid neutrality toward foreign countries. Whether you want to study, work or simply live, you will never regret moving to Austria. People who live there get the best education, great income and excellent health care. The country welcomes tourists and is ready to show its history, nature, culture and architecture. The capital of Austria is Vienna. There are galleries, museums, theatres and hundreds of cozy cafes in the very city center.

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