5 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Welcome On Board

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5 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Welcome On Board

You have probably heard that some people might be asked to leave the plane if they do not follow some certain rules. Sometimes we, passengers, are to be blamed for the delay.

In order to have a smooth journey, please follow all instructions and do not break the laws. There are a lot of cases when the custom officer refuses to let you in unless you obey the regulations of the air company. Some of the rules we are very well aware of. For instance, you are always informed that you must not carry guns, explosives or inflammable liquids in your hand luggage. It gets on our nerves when we know that our flight will be delayed for some reason. But here are some of the quite unusual reasons that once prevented people from having a flight:

1. A lady with a piglet
Some pets, if not most, are allowed to be taken on board. However, last winter in Connecticut a female passenger was asked by a US airways flight company to leave the plane after other passengers seated by her complained about the noise and smell. The piggy’s weight was around 30 kilos, it took quite some space and disturbed other people sitting around. The flight was delayed and the woman with her four-legged buddy was forced to disembark.

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