5 Wealthiest Persons Who Never Graduated

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5 Wealthiest Persons Who Never Graduated

A PhD degree is a good thing. However, you do not need any to make your dreams reality. Making money is not about your diploma or education.

The following people managed to make billions without a degree.
1. Mark Zuckerberg
Did you know that social interaction was changed by a person who did not finish college? That’s right, his name is Mark Zuckerberg. It all started when Zuckerberg borrowed money from Pete Thiel, the founder of PayPal. Mark used the money to launch his own networking site. The site soon became incredibly popular. Nowadays Facebook is used by millions of people. You can interact with the rest of the world through Facebook, make new friend and use it as an advertising venue. The website is worth approximately $15 billion dollars. It is known that Microsoft paid $243 million dollars for a 1.6% share.

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