6 Disturbing Truths Food Industry Is Hiding from Consumers

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6 Disturbing Truths Food Industry Is Hiding from Consumers

Some of the facts you are about to find out may sound shocking and disturbing. However, if you do not know the truth, you won’t be able to avoid the dangers that food industry causes to your health.

1. Manufacturers Load Meat with Sodium 

Salt and water are the main tools that meat producers use to make their products look better. Chicken and turkey might not be as healthy as you might have thought. If you buy poultry from a farmer whom you trust, then you are sure to pay for the best kind of meat. Meats that we find at the supermarkets are injected with a solution consisting of water and salt. This mix makes pork, beef and other meats tender and flavorful. No doubt water makes the product heavy and you pay more money and get less meat. All these tricks are not new. They have been used by the food industry since early 1980’s.

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