6 Least Safe Cities In The World

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6 Least Safe Cities In The World

Travelling has become one of the most exciting activities in people’s life. We save money in hope of seeing a new country. All countries are interesting and each of them is unique and individual in its own way.

Before leaving your homeland, spend some time and find out more about the place you intend to visit. Keep in mind that there are quite a few destinations that should be avoided due to some certain dangers and risks. An organization responsible for public safety and criminal justice has recently published a list of the 10 most dangerous cities in the world and the list below mentioned 6 of such cities. The report also informs about the reasons why these cities are considered to be the most hazardous. The list does not include Middle Eastern cities.

1. Maceio, Brazil
Even 14 most cruel cities in the world are located in Brazil. Rio di Janeiro is incredibly dangerous. However, there is Maceio, the capital of Alagoas. This is the city to be avoided by all means. Out of 100 thousand 135 residents get killed and the rate of crimes is only increasing. The Amazon rainforest with its poisonous snakes and spiders is far safer than most of the Brazilian cities where you risk your life every second.

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