7 Apps To Help You Find A New House

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7 Apps To Help You Find A New House

If you are trying to move to a new flat in XXI century, you surely know that your smartphone can give you a virtual hand in this pretty hard deal.

National Association of Realtors with Google company completed a study that shows – 89 % home hunters use mobile search engines to find a new place, and 68 % choose special mobile apps for it.
But what are the apps for every particular activity in searching for royalty? Look, we have a list of the best ones here: each for every stage of the hunt.

1. Doorsteps Swipe
You don’t know what your new home should look like? Look through addresses and photos of homes available in the needed area and save the one you likes on your profile. Later you will receive a debriefing on every house you was interested in.

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