7 Excellent Destinations to Practice Yoga

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7 Excellent Destinations to Practice Yoga

Life is not all about work, family and friends. Sometimes we need to let ourselves relax and stay on our own. Let us turn off our phones, TVs and other gadgets that add up fuss to our routine. Look through the list and choose where you would like to go to practice yoga.

The variety of places is absolutely incredible. You will find plenty of sites where you can improve mentally, spiritually and physically. There you’ll meet people who will teach you a lot of useful things. You will also see the world and get back home full of new emotions and feelings.

1. Amansala, Tulum
Recommended for extreme transformation
Amansala is a Garden of Eden on Earth. The area is tiny and very cozy. The beaches of Tulum provide the perfect place to practice yoga. The area is ecological, free of pollution and always clean. You will stay in chic accommodation surrounded by nature. Visitors stay in stylish and quite spacious cabanas and have all modern conveniences. Explore the site or get out and see the area. Amansala is about 20 minutes by bike from the town. Natural swimming holes (called cenotes) attract thousands of people who want to refresh in crystal clean water.

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