7 Facts about Women’s Brains You Didn’t Know About

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7 Facts about Women’s Brains You Didn’t Know About

2. Women’s psychic powers.

It’s not a myth that women have a very well-developed intuition. More than that, most girls actively use this property. Intuition helps them avoid mistakes and unpleasant situations. Men usually trust their logic. They analyze the situation and try to make a decision afterwards. Intuition is an interesting mixture of several qualities. It may include feelings and emotions as well as other things that scientists still cannot explain. We call this property our ‘sixth sense’ – something that each person has but few rely on. Intuition used to be considered something dark and mysterious. People whose intuition is well-developed can do various spiritual practices and look for answers to their questions in their heart and soul rather than mind.

7 Facts about Womens Brains You Didnt Know About Womens psychic powers

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