7 Facts about Women’s Brains You Didn’t Know About

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7 Facts about Women’s Brains You Didn’t Know About

6. Do not ignore the mom brain.

This is a real thing, indeed. You must have heard that there is the so-called “Mom Brain”. It is not actually a myth. Most scientists believe in the mom brain. Pregnant women say that their mindset and way of thinking changes during the pregnancy. They describe the sensation as ‘foggy’. It is more difficult for a pregnant woman to remember something. Also, cognitive functions of a pregnant woman are decreased. This leads to insomnia. There are other symptoms as well. All in all, pregnancy makes the female body and the female brains transform – the level of hormones is also responsible for all these processes and phenomena. During pregnancy your brains and body may think that some functions are less essential.

7 Facts about Womens Brains You Didnt Know About Do not ignore the mom brain

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