Success Stories of the Richest Americans

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Success Stories of the Richest Americans

Few people can live without any money at all. We do all possible and sometimes even impossible to earn a living. It is interesting how some people succeed in making millions of dollars while others strive to survive.

America is one of the countries where you can bring most of your dreams into reality. This is where people become rich and famous. Read Forbes and you will see that there are plenty of business people residing in the United States whose incomes are incredibly high. Here are some of the names of the wealthiest people on the planet:

1. Bill Gates
According to Forbes, Bill Gates owns around $81 billion. At the moment he is 59 and lives in Medina, Washington. He is both fantastically rich and famous. Gates founded Microsoft, the company known all around the globe. He is also the founder of Cascade Investment LLC, an investment company. There’re numerous stock investment options he has recently purchased. He has bought or added stock in companies, such as ExxonMobil, McDonald’s, Liberty Global PLC and Berkshire Hathaway. However, he has sold out and reduced stock in some brands as well. The list includes Procter and Gamble, Thai Fund Inc. and Coca Cola. Bill Gates is known as a philanthropist – he has used his wealth for donations and charities. For instance, Bill Gates and his spouse Melinda have lately donated approximately $500 million to fight dangerous diseases, such as malaria.

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