The 6 World’s Most Futuristic Buildings

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The 6 World’s Most Futuristic Buildings

Progress cannot be stopped. We want things to move forward even faster. Our dreams are now expressed through architecture and design. What do most of us dream of?

Space tourism, all-purpose robots, folding cars and many more keep constantly boggling our minds. Architects are capable of creating buildings that are not only practical, but also attractive in their own way. And here are a few examples of such creations:

1. Atomium, Brussels
The Atomium was built in the 1950s and is located in Brussels. The designer’s idea was to create a building that would remind of an iron crystal. The structure is slightly over 100 meters tall and consists of 9 interconnected spheres. Visitors can use the escalators to move from one sphere to another. The top ball has a restaurant inside. The others are rented for conferences, meetings and exhibitions.

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