Top 5 Most Profitable Positions in 2016

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Top 5 Most Profitable Positions in 2016

5. Anesthesiologists

This position is definitely at the very top of the list of the most profitable jobs. These specialists do not carry out the actual surgery. But their job is not less responsible. They must keep in mind a number of factors while creating the formula to make you fall asleep. An anesthesiologist makes around $350,000, which is lower than that of a surgeon. However, the starting off income of a surgeon is lower than that of an anesthesiologist. The maximum limit may vary – this is typical of most medical positions. It does count where you work. Also, your practice and medical facility will also be taken into consideration. You can hardly find anesthesiologists who run their own practice. The good news is that if you are skilled, then you will easily land a job. The number of anesthesiologists is lower and these specialists are in demand. In some cases, an anesthesiologist can make much more than a surgeon.

Top 5 Most Profitable Positions in 2016 Anesthesiologists

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