What Is It About Selfies That Pisses Me Off?

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What Is It About Selfies That Pisses Me Off?

No doubt soon the word “selfie” will be included in every dictionary, although a few years ago none of us would even know what a selfie might be. What is it about selfies that annoys some people?

Well, let’s admit it, the problem is not the phenomenon itself (although I am happy psychologist have finally defined it as a mental disorder). The issue is the people we usually see in them – you know, those duck faced girls or gym bunnies showing off their bodies. Are you one of them? Then get real! There are too few people (just you, your mom and granny, perhaps) who are genuinely interested in how “stunning” you looked this morning. Nevertheless, some freaks keep taking their pictures throughout the day just to display them on Facebook to see how many “likes” they will receive. If you are not a celebrity, then why are you turning into an online attention whore? Oh, and the sickest part of any selfie is the place it is taken. As a rule it’s a bathroom. I am sorry guys but I usually use my bathroom to take a shit, not a picture!

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