What Is the Meaning of Your Favorite Color?

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What Is the Meaning of Your Favorite Color?

It is said that tastes differ. It’s only natural that that different people should prefer different colors, shades and hues. The question is: why the colors you love do not look attractive to someone else?

Actually, our preferences tell a lot about our character. Our article will reveal a bit more about your and the people surrounding you. Ask them what colors they prefer and you will find out a lot of interesting things about them! A number of studies have been carried out to understand the meaning of some certain colors. The list below includes six most common colors. Read it and you will know what type of people prefer them.

1. Red
Do you like red? Then you are definitely a strong personality. You love life and enjoy every minute of it. You are courageous and open-minded. You never lack self-confidence. You are constantly looking for new experiences. Even if you stay calm most of the time, it doesn’t mean that you are shy – you still love risks and adventures. Be yourself and let others know that you’ve got plenty of potential, deep feelings and emotions.

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