17 Proofs Disney Love Notion Is Distorted

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17 Proofs Disney Love Notion Is Distorted

As a rule Disney production is aimed at kids and, as we all know, a child can be easily taken in by what is transmitted on TV or any other mass media.

Sometimes what they see in Disney movies can irreversibly change (not always in a good way) their entire perception and understanding of some certain issues. Let’s take, for example, Belle. Do you really believe that falling in love with your abuser is a norm? Psychologists call this phenomenon Stockholm syndrome. It is by no means love, rather it’s a mental disorder. Another example would be Ariel who transforms her whole self so that she could meet Eric. It seems, in Disney movies children are taught to love in the wrong way. And there are too few positive examples to follow. 

1. A monster turning into a prince.
Who doesn’t know the well-known characters from Beauty and the Beast? That’s the movie that made us believe that if you try hard you can turn a beast into someone loving, honest and sincere. Once girls grow up they fall in love with bad guys who they hope will change and become good some day. As a result, all they get is disappointment, tears, and broken hearts.

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