5 Easy Ways to Get Along with Aggressive People

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5 Easy Ways to Get Along with Aggressive People

From time to time we happen to meet and deal with angry individuals. Luckily, there are a few tips to help you get along with those who feel furious.

1. Take their side

A very simple trick that almost always works is to agree with the person. It will help you both calm down and avoid further conflict. If you take the other person’s side and quit arguing, it will stop the fight. They will not fight with themselves, will they? Keep in mind that everything is under your control and you can easily deflate any conflict if you are ready and willing to allow the other side to think that they win the fight. Once you admit that the person is right, he will find himself at the dead-end – nowhere to go and no one to fight with. Tell the person you understand him and his reaction.

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