5 Myths About Cheating

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5 Myths About Cheating

You can hardly find a person who is not afraid of cheating. Once it happened to you, it becomes impossible to stop thinking about the reasons which made your partner cheat on you. Here are top cheating myths you should know about.

Almost everyone has heard about the extramarital affairs of Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton so if someone is going to deviate, he will be the man, agree? The greatest myth about infidelity is that only the representatives of the stronger sex sleep around. It’s a lie! Women cheat as well. The matter can happen to anyone.
Here are the five most common delusions about infidelity, and facts that you really must know.

1. Once Someone Has Cheated, A Couple Will Never Be Happy Again
Affairs are common for relationships, and very often they are recovered. The reason why you can hardly ever hear stories about success is that none wants to talk about such things. It is always possible for couples to rebuild their relationships successfully. Many of my patients claim their ties became even stronger once they managed to work things through. If you can distinguish infidelity fact from fiction it may help your couple gain a better understanding of the nature of affairs and of the possibilities to prevent them.

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