5 Reasons to Get Rid of the Dad Bod

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5 Reasons to Get Rid of the Dad Bod

The dad bod is a male body type characterized by underdeveloped muscles, a belly and unattractive tan lines. This body type has been recently actively discussed by thousands.

According to some crazy minds, women, and, surprisingly enough, there are quite a lot of them, find this body type sexy. The truth is that there is no evidence that ladies find the dad bod appealing. There are plenty of magazine articles and online forums where you can find this opinion. Actually, all those articles and forums simply cite and copy each other without providing any proof. The only facts we can rely on is what scientists have studied. We already know what male body type is preferred by females and there is no need to speculate. This is what ladies love:

1. Girls like fit guys
No matter how many years have passed, the fact is: girls prefer guys who are fit and athletic. An out of shape man cannot be considered attractive. This is something we cannot resist – narrow waist and broad shoulders – a classic image of a healthy and fit man. A man with a broad and muscular chest is especially appreciated. Being athletic does not at all mean that you should look like a bodybuilder. You are not supposed to spend hours in the gym. What you should do is to stay active throughout the day and practice some sport. Losing weight is necessary in order to be healthy. And healthy men look attractive enough. So, instead of meeting your buddies in the nearest pub try jogging. Follow healthy eating habits and be the creator of your own body. It usually takes a couple of weeks to see the first results. Start changing yourself right now!

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