6 Alternatives for Romantic Phrases To Encourage Your Partner

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6 Alternatives for Romantic Phrases To Encourage Your Partner

The three words “I love you” we say to our beloved mean a lot. They are full of feelings and emotions. We should say this kind of phrases more often, because expressing your true feelings toward someone special is truly important.

However, there are several other phrases, sentences, expressions and words that we should say to each other. Let us not forget that people whom we love cannot read our minds – they expect us to put our emotions into words. Here are a few other ways how you can express yourself.

1. “I trust you”
There is nothing as nice as hearing someone tell you they trust you. This is a good way of letting your beloved know that you care. Men love to compete. They hate being losers. But the problem is that they are sometimes sure they can solve any issue without anyone’s help. Why then not let your man be the leader in your relationship? Allow him to figure things out on his own. Tell him you trust him and know that he is strong enough to cope with all obstacles. It will only additionally motivate him to do his very best.

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