6 Old-Fashioned Marriage Rules to Break

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6 Old-Fashioned Marriage Rules to Break

Traditions are hard to break. And marriage traditions and rules are even harder to ignore. However, time flies and people are constantly changing.

Nowadays we look at the same thing from a different angle and understand that it’s high time we broke some certain old-fashioned principles that most people used to follow. Rules should be broken if they make your life miserable. Here are the 6 old-fashioned marriage rules that our rising generation is ready to break:

1. Vacation together
Going on different trips is not that bad. It is wonderful even if one of you decides to stay home and have a rest doing the usual things, such as watching TV, reading or surfing the net. If your partner is more active, let him travel. Stop suspecting him of being unfaithful to you – suspicion and jealousy will only ruin your relationship.

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