6 Phrases the Parents of a Newborn Hate Most

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6 Phrases the Parents of a Newborn Hate Most

The article below will teach you to talk to people who have just recently become parents. There are a few phrases to avoid when talking to them.

Some of the phrases are annoying while others are simply impolite. Avoid them if you do not want to offend a new parent.

1. "Are you getting enough sleep?"
What is the point in asking this question? You know the answer already. A new parent never gets enough sleep and rest. Babies need attention and care 24/7. You cannot leave them on their own even for a second. You change the diapers, feed the child, bathe and clean him plus do a ton of other things around the house. A parent of a newborn can hardly have a rest even in the night. It is inevitable unless the parents have other family members who do not mind helping to take care of the baby.

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